Training, Education, Coaching, and Consulting

When you have your brand, logo, website, social media, marketing, and advertising all in place your customers will be coming through the doors in droves.  What now?  How do you ensure they will purchase and keep coming back for more?  There are many aspects of the retail and service world and how you present your brand and products/services to your customers that can always be improved.  It is how you serve the customers and make them feel appreciated and welcomed that determines whether you have a one-time visitor or a new loyal customer that comes back over and over again.  As great as it is to get a loyal customer, it is even more exciting when that loyal customer promotes you for free on all their social media. 

Sometimes it takes fresh eyes as well as experience and knowledge from many other retail businesses to come in and make a small change here or there that excite your customers and drive sales.  At other times it can take some major changes.  Either way, we can be there to support you. 

We offer training, education, coaching, and consulting that can improve any business in the following areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Servant Leadership
  • Management that Inspires
  • Sales to Improve Revenue
  • Customer Experience
  • Merchandising and Pricing
  • First Impressions

What is the actual shopping experience going to be like? 

Is your workplace an exciting place to work?

Is your team inspired?  Are they even a team?

Does your team know the product, serve the customer, and work well together?

Is the store shoppable and is it intuitive to the customer?

Do you have your best items, related items, new items, items you want to do better all in the right place?

Does the store atmosphere and physical appearance match your brand, your website, your advertising, your social media?

What is your customer service level?  Is it a 10 or is it the dreaded 1?

How is your management team?  Do they serve your customers, serve your staff, and set the example?

How is your pricing, your margins, your ROI, your profit, or your cash flow?

We can help answer these and many other questions to help give you more tools to be successful.  We can assist you with your weaknesses and support you in your strengths.  We can come in for a one-time appointment or establish a long-term program with you to help meet your needs and budget.  Either way, the goal will be to increase your customer base and foot traffic.  The outcome will be more sales, more turns, more revenue, more profit, and more cash flow that results in loyal customers coming back over and over again.

Contact us today for a no-obligation in-person or zoom consultation.  we would love to get to know you better and see how we can serve you.